Copyright Protection: Duration and Rights

April 5, 2017

Where can someone from the Cay- man Islands see tons of opportunities for intellectual property (IP) protection? Why, the Cayman Brac Agricultural Show, of course!

Similar to the Ag Show in Grand Cayman, the annual show is said to be the largest annual event on the Brac, drawing attendees from residents of all three Cayman Islands as well as oversees visitors.

And for this year’s Saturday, 25th March show at the Agri- culture Grounds on the Bluff, CIIPO staff were out in full force! Registrar General Cindy Jefferson-Bulgin, Deputy Registrar Donnell Dixon, Customer Liaison Officer Omara Whittaker (pictured ) and I were all available to speak with persons in creative fields about how they can benefit from copyrights, trade marks, design rights and other forms of IP.

We talked with small-business per- sons who are interested in register- ing their trade marks; and people of all ages who had produced sheet music, poetry, photography and short stories, and wanted to ensure they were on the right path to having their work copyright protected. In fact, CIIPO staff marvelled at the talent on display at the Agricultural Show, and how IP could benefit them. For example, the crafts-people who were proudly selling their handmade hats and bags could seek design rights protection. Then there were the entertainers who kept our feet tapping throughout the day with their stellar performances, including the young people who mesmerised us with their dance moves (did you know that dances can be IP protected? Yes, they can be!). There is no shortness of talent on the Brac, which means there’s no shortness of opportunities for IP protection.

It’s therefore really important, as we continue to harness our talent, that we remember our intellectual property rights. Cayman’s laws are in place to protect you as a creative person, and to encourage you to continue producing your creative works. Just to give you an indicator of how important it is around the world, even visitors at the Cayman Brac Ag Show were excited to know that the Cayman Islands has modernised its IP laws.

So when you go about designing your brand, choreographing your dance or making your straw bag, don’t forget that these things are YOUR intellectual property for which YOU have rights. And you know what this means…get creating, Cayman!

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