Search Trade Mark Database

Although you’re not required to search CIIPO’s trade mark database before you file an application, it is highly recommended that you do. This will help determine if there are identical or similar marks already registered for identical or similar goods.

If your search produces similar marks that may hinder the registration of your mark, you may want to reconsider your mark or get advice from a licensed patent and trade mark agent.

Please note that CIIPO does not offer advisory opinions on the availability of a trade mark before applications are filed.

DISCLAIMER: The Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office (CIIPO) does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained within this database. Recent updates, corrections or changes may not be included. It is recommended that a trade mark agent or an experienced trade mark searcher be consulted if a thorough search of trade marks registered in the Islands or interpretation of search results is required. Trade mark information is displayed in the official language in which it was submitted.  This database is for information purposes only. Business decisions should not be made based on this search alone.